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  1.private 名词___________ 反义词 ___________2.angry 同义词 a _______ b________

  3.not any= _________ 4.Dear me = = 5. decision 动词_____________

  6.excite 形容词 ________ 7.serve 名 _____________ 8.valuable名词 ________ 9.neat=

  10.recently= 11.shock 形容词 ____________ 12.immediately= =

  13.plenty= 14.mad= 15. complete =


  1. 私人谈话 2.无法忍受 3.不关你的事

  4.几句话 5.在…中部 6.倒立

  7.报名参加 8.最佳花园竞赛 9.市政厅

  10.维持秩序 11. on the way 12.apart from

  13.ask for a lift 14.look up 15.Don’t interrupt

  16.street signs 17.in spite of 18.grown up

  19.pay the bill 20.on the stage


  1.The money____ in his room.

  a. was b. were c. are d. has

  2.He could do nothing. He couldn’t do_________.

  a. something b. nothing c. anything d. everything

  3.The manager was sympathetic._____________.

  a. Everyone liked him b. He liked everyone c. He was sorry for the writer d. He liked the writer

  4.The girl returned the money .She was very ______________.

  a. honourable b. honest c. honoured d. trusting

  5.If she _________she will get a surprise.

  a. comes b. came c. has come d. will come

  6.Work on it had begun before my sister left. My sister left _________it had begun.

  a. after b. without c. behind d. soon

  7.They will travel faster. They will travel __________.

  a. sooner b. more quickly c .hurriedly d. shorter

  8.She never thought ___________it again.

  a. for b. to c. at d. about

  9.I have been offered some money. They want to ________me some money.

  a. serve b .give c. take d. make

  10.I have been offered a large ____________of money.

  a. amount b. number c. some d. piece

  11.I am determined to stay here. I _________ stay here.

  a. am will to b. want to c. may d. am going to

  12 I am even less lucky. I am ________lucky.

  a. more b. as c. not no d. so

  13.I am only interested in doing nothing. That’s________ I’m interested in .

  a. only b. the one c. all d. the only

  14.He never _________any fish.

  a. holds b. takes hold of c .catches d. takes

  15.You must give up fishing. You must ____________.

  a. stop b. begin c. surrender d. end

  16.I might as well have them. I am ___________to have them.

  a. very pleased b. very glad c. not very glad d. delighted

  17.Do you still want them? Do you want them __________?

  a. yet b. even c. now d. more

  18.I looked for my bag. I __________it.

  a. tried to look after b. tried to look at c. tried to find d. tried to see

  19.Men usually wear_________.

  a. socks instead of stockings b. stockings instead of socks

  c. either socks or stockings d. neither socks nor stockings

  20.You cannot fail to obey it. You can’t ________to do this.

  a. refuse b. deny c. resist d. withdraw

  四.1) Read this dialogue and fill in the correct tenses and forms of the verbs in brackets, active or passive. 用括号中动词的正确时态,语态和形式填空。(10%)Jim: What were you asked to do when you had your driving test this morning? Alice: First of all, I__________(1 ask) to drive out of town. I____________(2 have to) park in a quite road. Then I____________ (3 tell) to reverse round a corner. Jim: ____________(4 you manage) to do that all right? Alice: Yes, although the examiner____________ (5 not say) anything. Jim: Well, do you think he___________(6 please)?Alice: I don’t know. Driving examiners never____________(7 smile) , do they—but he___________(8 must be) pleased with the way I drove. When we got back to the examining centre and I ___________(9 stop) the car, he said, ‘Miss Smith, I am pleased to say that you___________(10 pass).’Jim: Alice, that’s marvelous! Congratulations! Now you can give me a lift to the station.

  2)Read this short passage and fill in the blanks with the following words or phrases 阅读下列短文, 然后用所给的词填空(10%):

  so as, so that, to, in order to, in order that

  A month ago we bought a little dog for my wife to have as company when I am away. We bought a small one 1____________it would be easy to handle, and, 2____________not to disturb our routine, we decided that it should sleep outside in a kennel. The first night it barked a lot 3_____________be let into the house. We both put plugs in our ears 4_____________ we shouldn’t hear it. 5_____________ get more peace, however, I am going away more often.


  Life used to be fun for the teenagers. They 1 to have more money to spend, and free time to spend in it. They used to 2 teenagers clothes, and 3 in teenager coffee bars. Some of them still 4 today. 5 , for many young people, life is 6 now. Things are more 7 . Jobs are difficult to find, and it is harder to find a place to live 8 . Some teachers say that students study harder than 9 used to. They are only interested in passing examinations. They know that 10 examination resu

  lt may get them better jobs.For some, the 11 to unemployment is to leave 9万彩票 and look for work in big cities. Every day hundreds of 12 people 13 in Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities. Some of them find work, and 14 . Others don’t find it, and go 15 again.

  Everyday when you 16 the newspaper, you can find the news about people’s unemployment. Actually, China’s government has taken 17 to help the young people. It supplies many new 18 to them. We believe in the 19 the situation will be 20

  1. A liked B like  C used D use

  2. A dress  B wear C buy D have

  3. A eat B play C meet D chat

  4. A can B have C are D do

  5. A Therefore B However C But D Then

  6. A better B enjoyable C difficult D harder

  7. A expensive B cheap C different  D delicious

  8. A in B at C for D on

  9. A we B you C they D he

  10. A better B good C well D best

  11. A problem B question C answer  D way

  12. A bad B old C good D young

  13. A arrive B reach C go D come

  14. A leave B stay C go D come

  15. A there B in C to D &